Bachelor Dissertation Structure Guidelines


A dissertation is academic writing based on original and deep research as a part of the master and bachelor degree. However, writing a bachelor dissertation is less intimidating than the master’s dissertation.

A well-structured and well-written dissertation can increase the grades of the students.

A dissertation supports your central point it may consist of some special topics. However, if you are doing empirical research in the field of social sciences, you can gain high grades. Students cannot write a high-quality dissertation without the proper information. Having improper information can lose their grades; therefore, they want to get complete information about the structure and format of a dissertation.

Word Count For Bachelor Dissertation

A bachelor dissertation is completely different from postgraduate dissertations and it is less lengthy than postgraduate. The word count of a bachelor dissertation is only 10,000 -15000 words. Yes, of course, it is much shorter than master dissertation. On the other hand, an undergraduate dissertation does not contain on the originality and students are independent to do their work.  Writing a bachelor dissertation demonstrates original and critical thinking skills and also shows the ability of the students.

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Bachelor Dissertation Requirements

  • Topic selection
  • Finding supervision
  • Early research
  • Good outline
  • Refined research and writing
  • Final dissertation
  • Binding and submission

Bachelor Dissertation Structure And Format Guidelines

If you are searching complete information about dissertation structure and format then stop here, we are sharing complete information how to structure and format a dissertation. If you will follow all the instructions that are given below, you can write a high-quality dissertation and can increase your grades.

Title Page

In dissertation writing, title page is the first document that contains your name, department, and degree program and submission date. In the bachelor’s dissertation, you should include supervision’s name and the university’s logo. However, you should bind and print your title page very carefully. The title pages should consist of 500 words.


Acknowledgement is the section of a dissertation that provides space for you to dedicate some special comments and thanks to all the teachers, friends and people who helped you in writing your dissertation. You should pay thanks to them, because, without their support, you are not able to write a strong dissertation.


In the dissertation structure, abstract section is most important, because, it is a detailed summary of your whole process. Most students don’t know how much words they should write in the abstract section. But know no need to worry about it, as we know that it is a summary of your writing process, therefore, you can include 3000-4000 words. Don’t write it too much longer, because, it will create a feeling of boredom. You should state the main aims of your research in this section, indeed, give information about the method that you have used. State your conclusion in strong manners. The abstract section should be included in 3000 words.

Table Of Contents

Table of contents another important section in the dissertation structure; you should make a list of all your chapters in this section. Conducting a god structure navigate the document. It will be batter to make a list of all contents; if you are typing your dissertation on Word then it will generate automatically a list of chapters.

List Of Figures And Tables

Most students use bullets and tables in his dissertation, so after including figures, tables and bullets you should itemize them in a number list. Instead of that, you should make a list of abbreviations in your dissertation. The use of glossary will be amazing for you, so, don’t forget to include a glossary.


Write 1500 words in the introduction section. Not only in bachelor dissertation, indeed, but introduction is also most important and essential part of any piece of writing, you should write your main purpose, relevance and topic detail to the readers.  

Highlight your topic and give background information to your readers. Defining the scope of your research and stating your past research will highlight your broad vision of writing a dissertation.

Indicate your objects and research question and give a complete overview of the dissertation structure. You should keep in mind that writing everything in a unique manner can increase your grades.

Literature Review

The chapter of literature review will highlight your method of research and all important points that you have included in your dissertation. Approximately, word count for literature review is 3000 words. The theoretical framework will offer you deep understanding of the academic work that you have included in your dissertation. You should write collecting sources and critical evaluation of sources. You need to draw a deep connection between the themes and patterns.

Here are some points that you should follow in order to conduct a literature review

  • Find a gap in the literature
  • Adopt a new methodological approach to the topic
  • Give a solution to the problem
  • Write a theoretical debate
  • Build new data with existing knowledge


In the results chapter, highlight your objectives and research questions. The questions should be relevant to the objects. If you are unsure about your results section then you should consult with your supervision.  You should include tables, graphs and charts in the result sections. Present your data and avoid including tables as well as figures. You can write 2000 words in results section.


This is another important section that you should keep in mind during structuring your essay. In this section, you can include hypothesis and topics. Explore what are the meanings of your implications. Write a discussion chapter in 2000 words. Discuss your results what you were expecting and what you have selected. You should discuss the limitations that you have made in your dissertation writing.


Writing a great and concise conclusion is the symbol of good work, so, you should write concise and to the points this section. Define all your points of view with deep understanding. If you will clear your point of view then the reader can understand it easily. Write the conclusion chapter in 1500 words.


Your bachelor dissertation should contain essential information about your research question. You should highlight interview transcript and survey questions. Use 1500 words in appendices chapter. After writing your dissertation, make sure that all the sections are well-written. Don’t mistake grammar mistakes, because, it can drag down the quality of your work.