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Top Harvard Reference Generator Tools For Dissertation Writers


Referencing is important as it provides attribution to someone’s original work. It is ethical to cite any author or the source of information you are taking for dissertation. There are different referencing styles required by colleges and universities around the globe that you must follow. The most prominent and widely used is Harvard Referencing Style which was put forward by a Professor in Harvard University back in the 1880s. It is now a standard author-date reference method used in institutes all around the world. This reference style includes two components: in-text citations and full reference list. In-text citations are used when you need to cite a source in the heart of a paragraph, while reference lists are included when you finish your work and include all the references for sources you used in the body.

Why is Referencing Important?

Referencing helps avoid plagiarism which is an international offense. It helps acknowledge someone’s words, ideas and original writing. You need evidence to support your claims for which referencing is necessary. It helps readers believe in your claim and accept it by referring to the citation so that plagiarism is avoided. But referencing could be time consuming and is not a piece of cake. Many students find it difficult to generate Harvard style references. For this reason, Harvard referencing generator tools were put forward by many educational institutes and academic writing services.

What is Harvard Reference generator tool?

A Harvard Referencing Generator is a tool that creates structured academic references in the Harvard style on its own. It extracts valuable information about a source such as the name of author, article title, date of publication and URLs. Also, it adds necessary syntax and styling required for Harvard referencing style to create automatic citations. The created references are ready-made and can be pasted into a reference section or bibliography of your dissertation. You can also attach it to the conclusion of an academic assignment as a group. This is the typical method for citing a source used throughout the main body of an assignment. So, using a Harvard reference generator tool saves time and the stress of doing it yourself.

Many dissertation writers use Harvard referencing generator tools for formatting and generating their references. It allows the user to manage and make note of the sources cited in the body of academic work. It further guarantees that references are appropriately structured and according to the Harvard referencing style. A well-formatted and extensive bibliography could account for at least 20% of the total mark for academic writing. There are many Harvard reference generator tools for dissertation writers, but we will cover only the top ones. Here are the top Harvard referencing generator tools for dissertation writers:


Mybib is one of the topmost used Harvard reference generator tools that allows you to generate references on the spot. When you are citing a book, website, journal, or movie, you can type the URL or headline into search box and enter. From the list of search results, select the most useful results. Mybib generator will quickly determine and style the original details in the right Harvard format. You can also make more adjustments if you need. Next, choose to copy the prepared reference and paste it into your reference list or store it to your MyBib account.


It is the most widely used platform and is easy to use Harvard referencing generator tool. You only need to choose the right format from the options. Choose ‘Harvard’ format and then it will ask you what kind of reference you want to generate. You can choose from several options such as, website, journal, book and many more. If you want to cite a journal, you will enter the ‘Doi (Digital Object Identifier)’ number or title of the journal. It will show you all the relevant information about the source where you can also amend the details before clicking the cite button. In this way, it will generate both in-text and full citation in Harvard format. But there is a limit to generate citations unless you have a premium account.


It is simple and straightforward to use the Harvard Referencing Generator. Before you begin referencing, you must first determine the sort of source such as a book or a website. The Harvard Referencing Generator now offers over ten distinct source categories, with more being added on a regular basis. When you create a reference, it saves your reference under the ‘My References’ tab in the main menu. You may locate all your references here and can export them to pdf format. However, this feature requires you to have an account logged in at Harvard referencing Generator and only available if you subscribe to the website.


To generate your Harvard references from BibGuru, you do not require any sign in which is a positive point. Rather, you need to enter the website and let say, you want to cite a book. You will first set the format to Harvard and then click ‘book.’ Afterwards, you will type the title of the book which will generate a full Harvard style citation of the book. Click the ‘add’ button in front of it and you will have a full reference of the source. You can do the same for other types of sources and can also select from a range of source types like a single chapter of a book or a page from an article. But BibGuru does not generate in-text citations separately like citethisforme and the user must add it himself which is a drawback.


This Harvard referencing generator tool is powered by Chegg Service and allows you to generate Harvard references. It works the same as other Harvard referencing generator tools, but it does not generate in-text citations. This tool helps professionals and students credit the information they used in a proper way.

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Referencing is a substantial part of a dissertation writers’ work. The most prominent and more often used referencing style is Harvard. There are many Harvard referencing generator tools that you can use to generate citations for your dissertation. These tools help minimize time, acknowledge the author and help avoid plagiarism. Use this guide to know about the top Harvard reference generator tools for dissertation writers.