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Different Challenges You Can Face for Research Publishing


Getting your academic research published the right way at the right time is a pretty challenging task especially if you are doing it for the first time. Even though the cliché of “publish or perish” has become centuries-old, yet it stands true even today as several pressures are a big threat to the quality and rigour of the new science that we believe in today. Without doing things the right way and shying away from presenting a comprehensive paper that is clear, coherent, and complete, you might be in big trouble and it might affect the chances of your paper making its way in any publication.

As told by a PhD dissertation writing service, the main purpose behind getting an article or research published is that you have worked hard and you have something relevant and important to share with others. However, you also need to understand that the academic competition, performance reviews and career progressions linked to several outputs, citation indices, and impact factors can severely affect the purpose and you must keep all these challenges in mind while focusing on the research.

Ever since students and researchers have been working in their field intending to excel, the challenges in the publication have always been present. It is because most of us believe that while it is not sufficient to do research, we must understand the need to produce knowledge and good knowledge that must be shared and comply with the rules of society. Along with this, publishing means respectability, scope, and acceptance in the scientific community.

It is a validation of the research that has been carried out. Journal editors, who also face the challenge of publishing topics of social value, believe that a poor presentation can sink a good study, and do not think that an excellent presentation can rescue a fatally flawed one. On the other hand, they are also of the opinion that the packaging of a study is as important as the contents and researchers should focus on it too. Discussed here are the different challenges that you can face during research publishing.

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Organization Of The Paper:

The organization of the paper can affect its chances of getting published and appreciated by the readers. In addition to this, the title should also be coherent and relate to the type of journal you want to publish in i.e. the more specialized the publication, the more specific the title should be. Besides coherent with the journal, the title should be as short as possible to adequately describe the paper contents so that it can be structured the right way and it remains easy for readers to see what you are trying to say.

Style, Grammar, and Punctuation: 

Sometimes in trying to deliver the exact message and results of the research, the style, grammar, and punctuation is often compromised or becomes too complex and it can leave the readers confused about what the writer is trying to say. conveying the message the right way can become very challenging and it can waste all the hard work and efforts you have put in trying to complete the research. Before presenting the paper for publishing, you need to make sure that the paper is grammatically correct, presented in a style that is easy to understand, and achieve the desired purpose.

Ethical Aspect and Guidelines:

There are so many challenges for researchers to overcome connected with authorship, data replication, originality of the paper and ethics committees, and their requirements which often makes it very tough for things to move forward smoothly. There are issues related to author and publication rights as well as conflict of interest. It has been observed that there seems to be some confusion between authors’ and publication rights; these rights are related to how the material can be used and disseminated.

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The fundamental scope of authors’ rights is to protect the creator, while copyright protects the work itself, i.e. the product, emphasizing the economic branch, the exploration of the paper’s ownership through the right to reproduction. The researchers must understand the ethical aspects when they are working on their project and go through the guidelines very carefully to ensure they do not end up risking their hard work and efforts due to the challenges of the field. Challenges are a part of everything we do. As we move up the academic ladder and focus on research, we must not forget the challenges that are in the way, understand what they are, and tackle them most efficiently to enjoy success with research publication.